Monday, 13 May 2013

the outsiders- pony boy diary entry

 dear diary

 I just cant believe the things that have happened over the past couple of days. Just the other night , johnny, dally and i had been at the drive in talking to cherry valance, just the other night darry had hit me, just the other night johnny had killed that soc..... johnny and i haven't seen the gang in what seems like forever.The closest thing us boys have to family is each other, that's why we look out for each other and would do anything for a member of the  gang, the boys are all i have got, without them i don't know where i  would be. The thing is that the gang stick together through thick and thin, we consider each other as brothers ,i miss two bits sense of humour, i miss darrys bossiness, i miss Steve, heck i even miss dally, but most of all i miss my brother Sodapop.

 I look up to soda more than anyone else in the gang, soda seems to listen and understand almost anything, that's the difference between darry and soda, darry doesn't understand anything that isn't hard fact. that's why i love soda more than anyone else, sometimes even more than i loved mum and dad, he is always happy and can lift your spirits in a heartbeat , whereas darry is always serious and angry. Soda is handsomer than anyone i know, a kind of movie star handsome, the kind that you would stop on the street to watch go by, when soda is working at his job in the gas station, the place is always filled with soc and greaser girls, all flirting with soda, even cherry valance had called him a doll. unfortunately for them, soda pop is taken, he has a girlfriend sandy, a greaser girl who he tells me he wants to marry someday. 

being a greaser is tough, you cant walk the streets without a blade or even a gun as a method of self defence, you cant walk outside without having "greaser!" yelled at you from by-passers in cars, which doesn't make you feel so hot. The socs and greasers don't really get along. just the other day i had been jumped by those blasted socs, lucky darry and soda had seen and rescued me, or those socs would or cut off my tuff hair, wouldn't of mattered now though, with my hair the way it is, cut short and bleached blonde, i know i look lousy but johnny had to do it, with our descriptions in the paper and all, i aint gonna blame him, we cant be recognized or johnny might be put in the electric chair for murder, and soda and i would be put straight in a boys home

the thing that bothers me the most about the socs is the fact that they've had everything handed to them on a silver platter,and still they break the law just for kicks. You see the only reason us greasers break the law is for survival, for instance, just the other night, johnny had killed that soc out of self defence, they would of killed me, and johnny saved my life, just shows what a great buddy he is, and that a greaser would risk his life to save a member of the gang
~ ponyboy Curtis  

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